The United States after the planning strategy in Afghanistan or o keep 10000 garrison

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According to this media coverage, gossip with o in U.S. commander John Allen to the pentagon has submitted a 2014 years later the United States in Afghanistan scale advice, a scale in about 10000 people, give attention to two or morethings anti-terrorism Discount Ugg Boots Women
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www.cheapestuggbootswomen.org and training tasks "limited long-term garrison" scheme or already well-development.
Although the pentagon did not reveal the specific content of the garrison arrangement, but some American media has found there from official familiar with the breeze. The Wall Street journal reported 26, Ellen's garrison scheme "draft" has submitted to the Discount Ugg Boots Women
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cheapuggboots.usa6.org pentagon, the pentagon will be before the end of the year the revised plan a President Obama. According to Alan's advice, as the war was ending in 2014, in the us, the scale will be in 6000 to 15000 between them. Obama administration officials tend to Alan suggested intermediate scheme, i.e., about 10000 people.
At the recently ended the United States in the election, Obama pledged to reduce to voters war spending, focused on the United States own construction. The U.S. military in Afghanistan preliminary Suggestions data show that the Obama government tend to smaller long-term garrison, think this is advantageous to reduce the fiscal expenditure pressure, are also more likely to be hadji accept. In the early stages of the Allen advice scheme, in the future, including about 1000 U.S. anti-terrorism forces, to continue the fight against the Afghan border areas "base" organization residual forces, while the other is mainly responsible for U.S. troops to the Afghan security forces to provide training and support. url=http://www.cheapestnikefreerun.com]Cheap Nike Free Run 2[/url]
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But here the conservative defense question the expert points out, the United States, at least for the need to retain more than 30000 troops to meet training Afghan security forces and maintain the stability of the need o. If only the garrison scale in 10000 to 15000 people between, U.S. troops will only focus on anti-terrorism task, unable to training Afghan security forces, this and the Afghan government's expectations. As soon as the end of the war in Afghanistan is already the general expectation of the American public, but how to ensure that 2014 years later, the stability and the lasting influence, it is before Obama before the government a difficult problem. Obama in the end of the war in Iraq did not leave the garrison, and the situation of the unrest and the influence of the lead to the weakening criticism.
Keep the United States in the garrison, the Afghan government more than the Iraqi government attitude "positive", but the U.S. must obey the Afghan judicial jurisdiction as the prerequisite. 2014 years later the status of American forces in Afghanistan, o beauty has Cheap Air Max 2012
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www.airmaxcheap.biz agreed to 15th of this month in Kabul start negotiations, and hope in the next five months ago to reach an agreement. Although Afghanistan in the army training and logistics of the United States demand is bigger, but if it is possible to compromise on jurisdiction, will face the test of domestic public opinion.
In may this year NATO Chicago summit, the United States and NATO confirmed will be in the middle of 2013 to the Afghan government over security issues, and in the end of 2014, all combat troops withdraw. Since then, American was finished ahead of withdraw 23000 years of phased withdrawal plan, the garrison scale for 66000 people. In determining the number of troops after 2014, Obama government will set out to solve a problem pace. The U.S. military and governments differ, the White House tend to early in 2013 is to speed up the withdrawal process, and o in U.S. commander Alan is hope in 2013 before the end of the season operations keep the existing 66000 scale. According to this media coverage, url=http://www.cheapnikefreeruns.net]Cheap Nike Free Run 2[/url]
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Alan although involved in former cia director general David petraeus has an affair scandal, but did not lose the White House and congress and the pentagon support, the postwar arrangement to Afghanistan the discourse right unaffected

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