Rice and kerry each have an advantage beautiful secretary of state flower come lead guess

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President Obama re-elected, the cabinet will also start of a new round of big unforeseen. Earlier, the 65 - year - old incumbent secretary of state Hillary Clinton has made it clear that no longer on the payroll. The media disclosure, more than a White House Discount Ugg Boots
officials saying that barack Obama by having the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan rice for the job. In addition, the senate foreign relations committee chairman John kerry is also popular candidate for secretary of state.
Condi: current beauty permanent representative to the united nation keen to promote "soft power"
Rice have a good family background, her father elvis mei, reiss is the Cornell university professor of economics, served as a federal reserve bank directors, mother for education experts.
Rice graduated from Stanford university history department, in 1990 attains the doctor's degree. She has a national security council international organization and peacekeepers group leader, President special assistant and national security Discount Ugg Boots
cheapuggboots.usa6.org council African group leader. In October 1997 transferred to the state council, as assistant secretary of state for African affairs. January 2009, rice as the current permanent representative to the united nation. Her diplomatic idea is to dialogue instead of confrontation, global sales to America's "soft power" instead of gunboat diplomacy. As a politician, rice with strong and confident is famous for its style.
Kerry: 2004 democratic presidential candidate family and European royal origin
Kerry's most eminent experience is 2004 years as the democratic candidate for President, and the same little bush campaign, but failed. In December 2008, kerry was elected chairman of the senate foreign relations committee.
Kerry also have eminent life. His father is a diplomat, and her mother was noble daughter. According to the survey, kerry family "root" can be traced back to the history of Colorado first governor and Boston almost all upper-class family. And in overseas, kerry family Cheap Nike Free Run 2
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www.cheapestnikefreerun.com and several European royal have origin.
Kerry in 1966 the Yale university bachelor's degree in political science. Worked in Vietnam combat, received a total of three pieces of purple star medal, a gold silver star, a gold medal of copper star.
In the current President's men, secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the secretary of defense palmer inside tower, finance minister cover Turner three member has had general show, among which the position of secretary of state successor appears the most concern.
Republicans against rice aims to expand influence
"The average person will feel vice President is number two characters, but due to the vice President general is not responsible for the actual affairs, according to the importance, the news, influence is concerned, secretary of state is the United States administrative Cheap Air Max 2012
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www.airmaxcheap.biz sequence in fact no. 2 characters. Because the United States is the world's first big country, its diplomatic move conspicuous, the importance of the secretary of state is more than any other country's foreign minister." Fudan university associate professor ZhangGuDong American research center of southern daily reporter said.
In 2007, Obama's presidential campaign, Susan rice is its core circle one of the members. The Washington post thinks, from the point of view of honor to whom honor is due consideration, barack Obama has probably nominated her as secretary of state. Secretary of state is not election position, need to presidential nomination, the senate voted, competitor circle is very small, the President's operating space is larger.
At present, foreign concept soft Susan rice is being attacked by republicans denounce. 19, 97 republican senator joint Cheap Nike Free Run 2
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www.cheapnikefreeruns.net written Obama, against will rice nominated for the next secretary of state, and accused her of the American embassy in Libya benghazi consulate after the attack of a slip of the tongue.
In ZhangGuDong opinion, the republican party for the rice dissatisfaction is not necessarily according to the individual, but as opposition need a different voice, to expand political influence. "Rather than the republicans are in opposition to rice, as they are to seize Cheap Nike Free
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www.cheapesnikefreerun.com every opportunity to express and democratic differences. Of course, rice also won't just because republican opposition, is out, the ruling Democratic Party but also demonstrated the strong side." ZhangGuDong said.

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