Mr Abe to the constitution "three moves" also to a dangerous road

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Shortly after the Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe took office, Germany's der spiegel magazine website published an article entitled "atavism Abe: Japan's prime minister, the pursuit of the dangerous old" comment. Based on Mr Abe sees Jordan 13 Shoes
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www.jordan13shoes.biz before taking office once mission: "I am determined to finish at the beginning, after multiple perspectives analysis forecast: the" nationalist leaders "will be" aims to restore Japan's past successes "and is willing to take a series of" strong efforts ".
From Mr Abe came to power after being repeated farce, der spiegel magazine did not see deluding themselves, Mr Abe is a dangerous path.
People noticed that, Mr Abe came to power in the historical and territorial issues make provocative move, such as call "sovereignty day", said it was reviewing "tomiichi talks reflect on history of aggression" the official said, increased military spending,Cheap Jeremy Scott
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www.jeremyscottsadidas.biz etc. For nearly half a month, Mr Abe more extravagant, the action of raised eyebrows, the frequency of its Asian neighbors and even world:
First, continue to confuse on the history of aggression. In late April, four of Mr Abe's cabinet ministers and 168 lawmakers to visit the yasukuni shrine, the size is rare. Mr Abe is no visits in person, but to offer the sacrifices, called "real" 榊 said visit as "should". April 23, Abe said that the international community jaw-dropping "inconclusive" aggression, reverse black and white ground to defend Japan's world war ii aggression.
Second, behaves atypically for militarism evocation, Abe has created two "first" for this. On April 27th,Cheap Nike Shox
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www.cheapnikeshoxnz.biz Mr Abe self-defense forces combat clothing on a chariot, has become the first in decades to wear uniform, Japan's prime minister, appeared in public; The next day, in the so-called "sovereignty day" ceremony, Mr Abe is copied Japan surrendered before the imperial parliament, with many participants shouted "long live his majesty the emperor", also for the first time after the war.
Third, continue to pick on territorial issues. On 23 April, the government to escort the right boat in waters off the diaoyu islands to the so-called "fishing", Mr Abe has threatened to force to stop China's island.
Fourth, continue to change room. On May 1, outbound of speaking on constitutional issues, Abe said Japan revise the pacifist constitution don't need to explain their neighbours and other countries of the response will not affect Japan's constitutional reform process.
It is not hard to see from the above facts, Mr Abe to go it is a rejected shall be no restrictions Cheap Kids Nike Free
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www.cheapfreerunning.biz on the postwar international order, establishing the military power of the so-called "normal" nation, military build-up to restore "glory road" before the war. This is Abe "mission".
Abe's choice is not a whim, but from the conservative, narrow-minded nationalism and political philosophy, and restoration of militarism "glory" dream. To achieve this goal, abroad, Mr Abe with tough attitude to cater to the domestic right-wing forces and the populist; Internally, it is modified Japan's postwar pacifist constitution of trying.
Since the end of the LDP, in fact, since the return to power, Mr Abe has made amendment as a important subject. Three moves to the constitution, Mr Abe wants to go to:
First, make the liberal Democratic Party (LDP) held in the summer to ensure they get more than two-thirds of the senate election, vote for the constitution is to lay the foundation;
Secondly, strive to amend article 96 of the Japanese constitution, first reduce the threshold of the constitution. Current as prescribed in article 96 of the constitution, constitutional reform must ask congress more than two-thirds of the members in favor of the house and the senate, and the liberal Democratic Party (LDP) want to change the constitution condition to more than half of lawmakers in favor of;
Third, strive to modify the article 9 of the Japanese constitution. There are two paragraph Adidas Jeremy Scott 3 Tongue
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www.cheapjeremyscottwings.org of article 9 of the constitution, the first is: the Japanese sincerely seeking international peace based on justice and order, never giving up as the national sovereignty's war or threat of force or the use of force as means of settling international disputes; The second is: to achieve the purpose referred to in the preceding paragraph, does not keep the land, sea and air power, and other war don't admit that the fighting power. So-called TuQiongBiJian, amending the constitution article 9 is the ultimate goal of Mr Abe.
Currently, Mr Abe's actions are three moves for this service. To that end, he is willing to incite nationalist agitation, and constantly to spread the centre-right "hawk", in order to win more votes, to change and ultimately militarization Japan service.
To the so-called "mission" and "glory", Mr Abe ignoring Japanese aggression history, determined on a will give Japan, dangerous road brought disaster to neighboring countries and the world. No wonder for days, the international public opinion, including the United States are attacked, the ACTS of Abe of Japan YouQingHua tend to be worried. Urge Tokyo to hurry back from the brink, regain conscience, don't lost their way in the militarism of the spirits

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