The Obama budget all parties on or it's hard to pass in congress

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U.S. President barack Obama submitted to congress on April 10th, the fiscal year 2014 federal budget. The scheme contains the rich tax increases, increasing the pre-school education and infrastructure spending and reduce social welfare project Cheap Nike Shox NZ
www.cheapnikeshoxnz.biz size, etc. On Mr Obama wants to start the bipartisan budget negotiations, break the deadlock on fiscal issues for a long time. Once put into practice, and Mr Obama's budget may be a negative impact on the global economic recovery. But the analysis thinks, this budget is hard to pass in congress, the U.S. government school is hard to reach a "grand bargain" on budget issues.
The next 10 years will cut $4.3 trillion deficit
According to the budget, began on October 1, 2013 in fiscal 2013 federal spending the departments of the government and the federal statutory welfare spending a total of about $3.8 trillion, the budget deficit would fall to $744 billion, 4.4% of U.S. Cheap Nike Free Runs
Cheap Nike Free Run
cheapnikefreerun.au8.org gross domestic product, is lower than the forecast of $973 billion in fiscal 2013 deficit. And Mr Obama's term of more than $1 trillion annual deficit at once.
America, director of the peterson institute for international economics, Adam posen, our correspondent says, the U.S. economy is experiencing a "relatively strong recovery", but the problem is a drag on the economy.
Obama cut $1.8 trillion in the next 10 years of fiscal deficit in the long term goal, and after the two parties have agreed to a $2.5 trillion deficit reduction measures, in the next 10 years will cut the deficit of $4.3 trillion.
The budget in the Obama has repeatedly stressed to balance and responsible way to cut the budget deficit. Budget proposition on the rich tax, in order to "open source", including for families earning more than $1 million, not less than 30% Nike Free Run Cheap
cheapnikefree.au8.org of the income tax the rich. The budget also advocated by reducing pension and social welfare programs such as medicare to "throttle". On spending projects, use the limited resources for the blade, the budget request increase the pre-school education and infrastructure spending. At the same time, becoming priorities to control gun violence, the budget also increased spending on psychiatric disease control and prevention.
The White House and congress to agree on the difficulties
Remarkably, in the budget barack Obama's historic agreed to cut social welfare spending. The content part catering to the requirements of the republicans, President Obama this concession of aims to win republican support. However, the budget was met with widespread opposition republican lawmakers, they criticized the compressed insufficient social welfare spending. At the same time, theCheapest Nike Free Run
www.cheapestnikefreerun.com measures of further tax increases on the wealthy have been adamantly opposed to republicans. And deep cuts in social welfare, it touched the Democratic Party represents the interests of the poor and labor groups, therefore the budget also have been part of Mr Obama's democratic colleagues.
According to the requirements of the budget law, the White House is supposed to be in early February to congress next fiscal year budget, but because the Democrats and republicans on the automatic spending cuts, to the White House's budget long overdue. But this is not what is abnormal phenomenon in recent years. In fact, because of the two parties disagree, since 2009 America's congress has not approved the budget, the federal government has relied on provisional appropriations bills in congress.
American economic analysis and consultancy "global insight economist Gregory Dakota said, in addition to the White House budget, the democratic and republican respectively under the leading of the senate and the house of representatives and their Cheap Nike Free Run
Nike Free Run Cheap
nikefreeruncheap.au8.org respective proposed a budget. Now, the White House and congress's mission is to negotiate between the three versions of a fold in the budget, but it is not easy.
Dakota, however, think that the White House's budget or so thankless may be a good news, because of that, at least prove that the solutions to some extent in the senate and the house of representatives in the middle of the strip.
The United States is also faced with the problem of Labour and technical progress
The American university school of public affairs director Barbara roma zenk, told reporters in an interview that the United States congress to pass legislation, decide how much tax, the government can spend how many money, and where to spend money, but signed by President bill to take effect. Therefore, they need to work together. But the question now is, the President and congress could not agree. She to the bipartisan budget deal "no confidence", America's fiscal there would be "crazy chaos".
Roma zeki said lawmakers from both parties now have no desire to reach a compromise, because they think, no compromise actually is better for them, because of the many members of congress from the so-called "safe district", namely their constituency majority either extremely conservative, or are all very enlightened, political extremes voters and their elected lawmakers on budget issues are difficult to compromise.
Expectations of budget negotiations between Mr Obama and congress will be quite intense.Cheap Puma Shoes
www.cheappumashoe.net From the current situation look, this summer, the U.S. federal debt will hit again the legal limit. Unless the two parties in the summer before the deadline for serious negotiations and to raise the debt ceiling, America will once again face a debt default.
Posen argues that even if the two parties in the United States this year can reach a budget deal, unavoidable deficit reduction measures will have a negative impact on economic recovery. , he said, in addition to the budget, the U.S. economy has two need long-term concern: the destruction of the Labour market is a recession, youth unemployment for a long time can never go back to the job market; Second, America's technology progress may be slow. It is reported, the White House in 10, the budget also predicts the economy will rebound steadily, and the unemployment rate will slow down.
Once put into practice, and Mr Obama's budget may be a negative impact on the global economic Cheap Christian Louboutin Pumps
Cheap Christian Louboutin
www.christianlouboutincheaps.biz recovery. The United States is the world's largest economy, U.S. Treasury bonds is an important investment, global investors dollar is the main international reserve currency, as a result, the us fiscal policy for the global economy and financial markets has a significant spillover effect. Public opinion is generally believed that under the condition of the global economic recovery is fragile, the us Treasury should not squeeze too hard in the short term, but the reorganization plan of the medium to longer term must have a set of practical and feasible. If, as some American politicians would expect, the United States to put its own fiscal mess up

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