Horse meat scandal "yet over Europe and the United States appeared fish fraud

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Seafood range of fish, the most difficult for consumers to distinguish. The picture shows the Green Week in Berlin on January 25, some audience awareness to distinguish different kinds of fish. The newspaper reporters tube grams Jiang photo
The European horse meat scandal "has not yet subsided, the fish lurk years shoddy phenomenon again Cheap Tiffany Sale
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www.cheaptiffanyrings.org surfaced. Seafood products in Europe mislabeled phenomenon is very common in the industry, testing showed that certain types of fish in some European countries more than 1/5 of error marked, the purpose is shoddy and earn higher profits. A sample survey showed that about 39% of the seafood sold in New York are suspected counterfeit.

Has long been in Europe

Germany's Max - Lubo Na Institute of Fisheries expert Hartmut Dr. Lei Baiyin Feb. 20 telephone interview to this reporter, said fish fraud has long been in Europe. Lot Institute published the report, pointed out that Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Cheap Air Max 2012 Mens
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www.cheapairmax2013.org Kingdom fishery manufacturers intentionally valuable fish of the label affixed to the cheap fish, shoddy, to earn higher profits. Europe specialized agencies to investigate problem assessment the fish Luantie label.

A spokesman for the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Institute, Michael Waring also confirmed to this reporter, seafood products are mislabeled phenomenon is very common in the industry. He also recommended that the reporter interviewed on this issue Gerd Klaus, Germany Tienen Marine Fisheries Research Institute. Claus is in a meeting, interview failed. However, according to the Austrian Standard newspaper reported on the 18th, Claus Europe "(the fish fraud) problem is very realistic. Fish Cheap Christian Louboutin Pumps
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www.christianlouboutincheaps.biz such as halibut expensive, often counterfeit objects. European flatfish is very popular, but rare, so often be Africa similar replacement, and significantly lower the price of the latter, the taste is worse. In addition, sales of salmon on the market is likely to trout, while the layman is sometimes difficult to distinguish the difference between the two.

The European testing showed that - some countries, certain specific types of fish mislabeled situation occurs more than 1/5. The study found that in Germany sampling of flounder fishes, 1/4, and the label does not match the name. The researchers also found that 24% of the Spanish production the shrimp detection product of fraud.

In fact, the fish shoddy phenomenon is not unique to the above-mentioned countries, nor is it only recently occurred. Irish Agriculture, Food and Marine Minister Simon Coveney has said Ireland years ago, on the occurrence of fish shoddy phenomenon, such as posing as precious cheap salmon salmon Therefore, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland before deciding the timing regularly check the price is Cheap Jeremy Scott Adidas
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www.jeremyscottsadidas.biz surprisingly cheap in the supermarket fish food "," After The fish inspection extended to all special frozen meat - so it throws up the spread to the European countries' horse meat scandal '. "

Fish fraud case has been disclosed, many families have abandoned buy frozen fish steak, turn to buy fresh fish. The fresh fish newspaper reporters near his home in Belgium mall has been in short supply.

Horse meat and fish fraud case marked by the appearance alone ethical standards in Europe will be able to guarantee the quality of food no longer. Members of the EU's health and consumer affairs Tuoni Ou Bolger, 19, said that the experts of the Member Cheap Nike Shox
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States of the European Union is stepping up the EU-wide mandatory food DNA testing consultations to the public that "The EU attaches great importance to and hope to resolve this problems. "

New York Seafood 39% involving fake

In fact, fish fraud problem in the United States, the other side of the ocean is equally alarming. Disclosed to a report released by the end of December 2012, a marine conservation organization called "Oceana" found, from a sample survey of 81 New York shopping malls and restaurants, seafood sell about 39% of suspected counterfeit Luantie label or scrawl menu, such as misleading consumers. Cheap Jordan Shoes
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www.jordan13shoes.biz The news was disclosed, triggered shocked media heat conferences consumers surveyed 16 Japanese restaurants, even a fish identification accuracy test, thereby greatly questioned the safety of Japanese sushi and sashimi.

The Americans usually accustomed to the consumption of fish, rather than the whole fish, which makes it easier for many businesses shoddy. Common business practice, using cheap fish instead of the upscale fish or some consumers do not want to eat fish (such as endangered species) identified as another type of fish. This approach is very hidden and difficult to detect, and related investigations by genetic testing.

The New York Times reported that the survey found that 13 kinds of fish, including tilapia and tilefish are identified as red snapper, but tilefish because of high mercury content, has been the U.S. Federal Food and drug supervision The Board determined that is not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children eat fish. 94% identified as white tuna, tuna fish food snake mackerel Cheap North Face Jackets
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www.cheapthenorthface.biz or yellowtail, both fish contain toxins that may cause severe diarrhea. The report also pointed out that the U.S. market fish food labeling confusion in Boston, up to 48% up to 55% in Los Angeles.

Forbes magazine analysis pointed out that such acts of fraud not only harm the economic interests of consumers, but also a public health hazard, triggering food moral crisis. Now, for healthy reasons, many American consumers are willing to spend Nike Free Run Cheap
more money on wild salmon, but in accordance with the report of the "Oceana" It also does not help, because the so-called "wild", but also just a false label.

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